About Us

Soon Hing Group, formerly Soon Hing Building Construction Company, was established in 1976. With years of experience, it has become a real estate enterprise with a corporate scale and development strength which are acceptably well commended.

Soon Hing Group specialises in housing development with emphasis on teamwork, corporate goodwill, adherences to accountability and progressive management. Soon Hing Group is also associated with Soon Hing Hong Development Sdn Bhd, Sing Song Hing Construction Sdn Bhd, Janting Enterprise Sdn Bhd, and Shibumi Sdn Bhd. As up-to-date, Soon Hing Group has successfully constructed various high quality houses at Kuching urban and sub-urban areas, such as Blessed Garden, Taman Janting, Taman In Ling, Taman Hua Ling, Taman Tian Ling, Greenville, Harvard Jaya,  Green Town and more.

The Group is also committed to ensuring timely completion of every housing project, thus achieving sustainable undertakings. Soon Hing Group has always adhered to its core values with the power to create and unremitting efforts to devote to continuing project developments and creating essentially the most suitable and comfortable residences to live in Kuching. 

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